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Power Pills™ Nutrition Facts

Lean Muscle Compound
5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin25 mg*
Hormone Regulating Blend
Mucuna Pruriens (98% L-Dopa)
Diindolylmethane200 mg*
Prostate Health
Saw Palmetto (standardized extract 4:1)75 mg*

Stinging Nettle Root Powder100 mg*

Lycopene5 mg*

Selenium65 mcg*

DHB (6,7-dihydroxybergamottin)50 mg*

Piper Longjack (95%)

5 mg*
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 60

Suggested use: Males ages 21 years or over: 2 capsules orally per day for 30 to 60 days in order to enhance muscle development, strength and stamina. For best results, take one (1) capsule in the morning with food, then one (1) capsule 30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not exceed more than two (2) capsules in a 24-hour period. Use for 4-8 weeks, then discontinue for 30 days.*